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What is crypto currency and how it’s work

What is crypto currency and how it's work

Hello friends, as everything is becoming digital nowadays, then our currency is also becoming digital, which we call digital currency or crypto currency like bitcoin whose name you have heard a lot but what is this crypto currency, how to buy and sell it Today we are going to give you answers to such questions and what are its advantages or disadvantages, after which you will know everything about crypto currency.

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency which was first introduced to the world in 2009 and the puzzle Cryptocurrency was not the most popular bitcoin Crypto currency is not in notes or coins like money, which we do not carry in our hands. But it is saved in our digital wallet and we can use it through online transactions and because it only exists online that’s why the transaction from bitcoin or any other currency is done from computer only.
Well friends, you must have known that like our Indian Rupee, all countries have complete control over the currency of their country, but this thing is absolutely wrong in the case of digital currency or crypto currency, the government has no control over digital currency. There is no control of any government or bank like central bank on bitcoin or other currency i.e. bitcoin does not follow the traditional banking rule, rather its transaction is done from one wallet to another wallet which is much more secure in traditional way. It happens that not only bitcoin is a digital currency but there are more than 5000 cryptocurrencies such as ethereum, doggy coin, bitcoin, ruble, lite coin, you can buy any of these currencies and just like bitcoin You can easily buy or send, yes, but it is a different matter that at present, bitcoin is the most popular crypto currency, that’s why people understand that bitcoin is the only crypto currency.
You will come to know about the famous currency of Auraiya, because many companies of the world are now accepting bitcoin payment and now it is slowly starting in our India too. In such a situation, by using this bitcoin, we will be able to do other household things like shopping, traveling, food order.
Some of which are advantages or that you can do these transactions easily and quickly, in which you do not even need any middleman and your transaction is secure and you can also do international transactions without any problem in it, which is in today’s time. growing too fast in
And you don’t have to pay any transaction fee
At present, big industrialists are also investing in crypto currency such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mike Tyson, and America, Japan, China and Spain, the most use of crypto currency in the present time, after knowing all this Maybe your mind is also trying to invest in crypto currency, then you can invest in crypto currency very easily, for which you need some apps like you will find many apps on google play store which Will help you to invest in crypto currency and you can buy or sell crypto currency from them that too in just one click some of which application name is coindcx coin switch in app you can buy and give bitcoin
So friends, in today’s article we have tried to explain to you about bitcoin, hope you have understood everything very well, if you have understood everything well, then definitely tell us by commenting.


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