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How to Earn Money as a Freelance Content Writer

how to earn money as freelance content

Freelance content writing is the pinnacle of success in this industry. Although this statement is an individual view of the matter, each author is aiming for the same thing. Content writing itself is on the rise, and the ability to get to the point where you’re only making money based on your own credit is huge. Instead of operating with an established name, the writer’s self-worth takes on greater value. To be honest, this business is actually preferred by many entrepreneurs today because it involves fewer people in the process and a cohesive idea between the writer and the company or product it is written for.

If a writer is starting to decide on freelance content writing as a means of earning, then they generally need to have at least two years of experience in the field. The freelance market is much more competitive than the corporate content writing market, and it will overwhelm the budding writer. The prospect of competing with writers from around the world can be very daunting for a writer who doesn’t yet understand the techniques and tricks to survive in the industry. However, once you gain the relevant experience and knowledge of how to meet a client’s request and offer, a writer can earn money as a freelancer.

Start writing blog posts

Blog posts have a huge presence in the content writing industry. There was a time when blogs were incredibly popular, and even today blogs that highlight relevant issues and topics get a lot of attention. However, this business perspective comes later. At the very beginning of planning a freelance writing career, a writer should start with a blog post. It can be on any platform or any well-known blogging sites like Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress and others and the author should start publishing blogs once in a while. Even if a blog doesn’t get enough views online, it’s still a form of digital presence for the author, and the blog posts will also add to the sample work list for the client.

Fix on a specific niche

It is always advisable for a content writer in the corporate industry to discover new and fresh ways of creating content. Writing for one industry or only one type of product can limit an author’s creativity and limit them to a single area of ​​activity. In the business field, a writer must go through every content writing option to understand their power. Once they gather this information, they must also deduce what industry or genre they write best for. The essence of this idea is that convenience comes from knowledge, which would ensure better content quality. Having decided on this, it is important for the writer to design their portfolio and blog post around this genre so that it is appropriate for the client who is hiring on this basis. Although a writer must be proficient in all forms of content, their feel for one particular genre should be exceptional.

Create an account on Fiverr and other freelance sites

Fiverr is one of the easiest platforms for freelance content writers to make money. After creating a portfolio and creating a niche to operate, they should offer and promote their skills on the website. When an account is created, Fiverr would host the writer’s profile on its website and then have a global presence and a pool of clients.


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