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How to apply for SBI car loan

How to apply for SBI car loan

So friends welcome once again friends, today we do not know you before, how you can apply for a car loan sitting at your home and what documents you will need to apply today. I will tell you everything in full detail, so if you like the article, then I will definitely tell you by commenting.

So friends, if you want to take a loan from State Bank of India or you want to take a loan from any other finance, but you have clicked on this article, then today I am going to tell you about State Bank of India. How to apply for loan or how to apply in any other finance company for loan and I will also tell you that if you take loan from any other finance then on what things you will get loss and you If you do it with State Bank, then in what things you will get the benefit, I am going to give you complete information today.

Today I will tell you what things you have to keep in mind to take loan from State Bank and with which documents you will have to apply and how you will get loan at lowest interest and tax loan your here in how many days may be approved


So friends, the first criterion here to take a loan is that your age should be more than 21 years and should be less than 67 years, then if you come in the middle of this age then you can apply for the loan. So friends, if I talk about the second document here, it is that in whose set degree you get the loan, then the first category that comes here is that of the salary person, so that is the person who is in any company. If I do less in any institution or in a government company, then if you do less in any of these institutions, then the bank which is the first and most easily gives loans to the people.

salary person

So friends talk that if you are a salary person then what should be your minimum salary to apply then friends if you have minimum salary of ₹ 25000 then you can apply for loan very easily according to this your SAIL income should be at least ₹ 300000 but if you do not have ₹ 25000 monthly income, then for that State Bank of India has given another option for help that if you want to take loan on the basis of any of your relative So you can do that too, just that relative should be your saga and his monthly income should be more than ₹ 25000, you have to put his salary slip along with your salary slip.


So friends, our next category comes for businessman, so friends, if you are a businessman, then to apply, the annual income should be more than three lakh rupees or at least 300000 ie if you have your RTR which you bank. If you will deposit in usmein, your minimum annual income should be ₹ 300000, so friends, now let’s talk about how much loan can you get if you want to take a loan, then if you have an income of ₹ 300000 per annum, then you should have three times that. Can get loan up to Rs 9 lakh


Talking about the farmer brothers, to apply for the loan to the farmer brothers, their annual income should be up to Rs 4 lakh, on which they can get a loan of four times that i.e. up to Rs 16 lakh.

Friends, now if you talk about how much loan you can get on the car you have liked, then if you talk that you are a salary person or do a government job, then you can get a loan of up to 95% of the tax value. From State Bank Of India

State Bank of India provides 85% loan of their tax on road price to those who do business or farming. State Bank of India

Now talk about the timing of the loan, State Bank of India gives you loan from 3 years to 7 years.

Now a question comes here that how much EMI will we have to pay?

So friends, if we talk about EMI then it depends on how much loan you are taking, if you take more loan then your EMI will also be higher and if you take less loan then your EMI will also be less.


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