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Claim Car Insurance After An Accident | Methods To Claim Car Insurance

Claim Car Insurance After An Accident

How to Claim Car Insurance After an Accident?

Traffic congestion in India can be very high due to overcrowding. Although you may be able to drive safely and make sure that you obey the rules of the road, there may be some unavoidable accidents. The process of raising a car insurance claim after an accident has emerged over the years. The technology and digitalization of various products have made it easier to follow certain processes. Continue reading to learn what steps you need to take after an accident in India.

Steps For Making a Car Insurance Claim After Meeting an Accident:

Applying for car insurance after an accident requires a thorough understanding of the process of registering a claim with your insurance company. Below is a step-by-step guide to claiming car insurance:

1. Inform Your Insurance Company:

Call your insurance company to inform them of the accident and provide detailed information on the damage to your car. Make sure you do not withhold any information from your insurance as it may not be available while you are processing claims.

2. Set Fire to the Police:

Inform the police of the danger immediately and submit a Preliminary Information Report (FIR), if required. FIRE is required in the event of theft, road accidents or fire. You will not need FIR if you have small teeth and bruises. And you will need it if a third party is involved in an accident.

3. Take Pictures:

Make sure you take enough pictures of the damage and the scene of the accident. Make sure the pictures are clear and the damage is visible so that the insurance company can assess the level of visible damage and pay the claim accordingly.

4. Submit Required Documents to the Insurance Company:

In order to process a claim, the insurance company needs certain documents such as a copy of the insurance, FIR, Driver’s License, a copy of your Vehicle Registration Certificate, etc. Make sure you submit these documents and work with you. trouble-free self-disclosure insurance.

5. Repair Your Car:

You can take your car to the garage for repairs. Or, you can ask your insurance company to fix the car for you. If the insurance approves your claim, you will be reimbursed or compensated for the loss due.

6. In the case of Stealing:

In the event of your car being stolen, follow the procedure to notify your insurance company and file a FIRE at your local police station. Submit documents such as RC, your DL, FIR, etc. in the insurance company. If the police are unable to track the vehicle in a timely manner, they will issue a non-tracking certificate. The insurer will then pay the claim and pay the current market value of your car.
Documents Required to Claim Car Insurance:
One of the most important factors when filing a claim on your car insurance is to submit the required documents. Below is a list of documents required when filing a car insurance claim:
A copy of your car insurance.
The First Information Report (FIR) from the police.
Copy of driver’s license.
A duly completed and signed claim form.
First repair bill, cash receipts, etc.
Copy of your Vehicle Registration (RC) Certificate.
Medical receipts in case of physical injury.
In the event that you would like your car to be repaired with your money and you want to apply for a refund, you will need to provide some documents to the insurance company. Below are the documents in case of a refund claim:
Real repair debts or cash receipts.
All other documents are listed above this section.
In the event that a third party causes damage or damage to you or your vehicle in a third party vehicle, you may file a claim for medical expenses due to personal injury or damage to property. There is no limit on credit cover for injury or death, while third party liability cover is limited to Rs. 7.5 lakh. The Motor Insurance Claims Tribunal will determine the amount of compensation after due process.
However, in the event that your vehicle causes damage to a third party car, your insurance company will compensate for the loss, injury or death of the third party. Below is the procedure for filing a third party claim in both cases:
Step 1: Obtain third party car insurance information and inform the third party insurance company about the accident.
Step 2: Inform your insurance company within the stipulated time.
Step 3: Report the accident to the local police station and set it on fire.

Things to Remember:

Here are a few things to keep in mind when filing a claim on your car insurance:
Notify your insurance company immediately without delay. The time is usually within 24 hours of the incident. In the event of a delay, there is a possibility that the claim may be dismissed.
Notify the police if necessary. If necessary, make sure you get the FIR installed at the local police station.
Check the status and suggest the appropriate type of application. If it is a minor offense and is ignored, you can avoid filing a claim and using the NCB.
Make sure you enter the correct details when submitting the claim form. Avoid inappropriate contact details or credentials that may influence your application.
Try and do not make an agreement with a third party to avoid unexpected problems.
Do not get into an argument with a third party. Try and settle the matter peacefully to avoid any unnecessary confusion.
Follow legal procedures in the event of an accident and follow the procedures of the legal department.
Make sure you get all the required documents to apply.
If you have the option to apply for a refund, fix your car at the network garage to use the cashless service.


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