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ehrms UP Manav Sampada Portal

Short Info: मानव सम्पदा पोर्टल | मानव संपदा सर्विस बुक उत्तर प्रदेश, ई सर्विस बुक अध्यापक UP Login, Apply Leave, payroll attendance form 9 – [Apply Online] [eHRMS UP] Manav Sampada Portal 2022 – ehrms.upsdc.gov.in payroll login, Online Registration, Login, Application Form, Payroll Attendance, Upload Documents, E Correction, Reset Password, Eligibility, Features, Benefit and Check Online Application Status at Official Website http://ehrms.upsdc.gov.in.

[eHRMS UP] मानव सम्पदा पोर्टल: Login, Online Registration, payroll module, डाउनलोड e-Service Book, Upload Documents

Latest Update: मानव सम्पदा पोर्टल पर विभाग के शिक्षको तथा कर्मियों के शैक्षिक अभिलेख ऑनलाइन अपलोड कराने जाने के सम्बन्ध में शिक्षा निदेशक (बेसिक) का आदेश

[eHRMS UP] Manav Sampada Portal 2022 Apply Online

Summary: “Manav Sampada” application is a common application tool for personnel management activities like monitoring, planning, recruitment, posting, promotion, transfer, maintenance of service history etc. It is developed, maintained and hosted by NIC UP State centre and available at http://ehrms.upsdc.gov.in for the use of government department.

eHRMS brought a breakthrough in managing Human resource in Government efficiently and effectively. “Manav Sampada” is not only the solution to manpower planning but its integration with other e-Governance applications extended its ambit to various other Government G2G, G2E and G2C services.

All Candidates who are willing to apply online application and leave process. We will provide short information about “[eHRMS UP] Manav Sampada Portal 2022” like Online Registration, Login and Apply Leave.

[eHRMS UP] Manav Sampada Portal 2022 – Overview
Name of Scheme [eHRMS UP] Manav Sampada Portal
in Language मानव सम्पदा पोर्टल
Launched by Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath, Uttar Pradesh
Beneficiaries Government Employee
Scheme Objective Online Service Book
Name of Portal Human Resources Portal
Developed by National Informatics Center
Scheme under State Government
Name of State Uttar Pradesh
Post Category Scheme/ Portal
Official Website http://ehrms.upsdc.gov.in
Important Links
Event Links
Apply Online Registration | Login
mSTHAPNA App Download Click Here
डाटा चेक करने के पश्चात ऑनलाइन फॉर्म भरने का लिंक Click Here
[eHRMS UP] Manav Sampada Portal 2020 Official Website

मानव संपदा पर पे रोल पर प्रपत्र 9 अपडेट कैसे करें, देखें

Manav Sampada Portal and Prerna Portal are becoming a major means of improving basic education. Through this, the department has made almost all the work online. In this sequence, now all the teachers will have to register their attendance details online. If someone has taken leave, then his details will have to be compulsorily entered online. Failure to do so will be considered absent.

How to fill payroll attendance form 9 in ehrms?

Step 1. First of all go to Chrome browser / your mobile browser and type in the search box.✍ or click here.

Step 2. Login by entering Manav Sampada ID/Password. Now, after login to Manav Sampada Portal, first of all go to Payroll option given in the menu.

Step 3. Select ” Basic Education “ option in that option.

Step 4. After which two options will appear in front of you –

First – salary slip

Second – Attendance

Step 5. You click on the Attendance option.

Step 6. In this you will again get two options,

1st – Phil Attendance

Second – Lock Attendance

Step 7. Now if any leave/leave is not taken by any teacher, he/she will directly open ” Lock Attendance Data “ and lock his/her data.

Step 8. And if the teacher has taken leave/leave, then he will first go to ” Fill Attendance “ and fill the details of his leave, after that he will go to ” Lock Attendance Data ” and lock his data.


Before doing ” Lock Attendance Data “, make sure that if any teacher of the school has taken leave, then the data should be locked only after that leave has been filled.

आवश्यक सूचना

सभी प्रधानाध्यापक/इं० प्रधानाध्यापक कृपया ध्यान दें!
पोर्टल पर लॉगिन के बाद पेरोल माड्यूल में जाने के बाद अटेंडेंस पर क्लिक करने के बाद आपको 3 विकल्प दिखेंगे-

1-extract pending leave–

अगर आपकी कोई भी छुट्टी पोर्टल पर पेंडिंग है तो वो इसमें दिखेगी। इसमें क्लिक करने के बाद आपको पेंडिंग लीव यदि कोई है तो वो दिखेगी और आप फिर से वापस जाकर अगर संभव हो तो उसे approve/reject करा सकते हैं अन्यथा आगे बढ़ सकते हैं।

2-add unauthorised absentee–

इस विकल्प में अगर कोई अध्यापक अनाधिकृत रूप से या बिना किसी सूचना के अनुपस्थित है तो उसका विवरण दर्ज करेंगे।

3-view and lock attendance–

अन्त में इस विकल्प में जाकर अपने भरे हुए विवरण को अच्छी तरीके से जांच कर फिर लॉक कर देना है।

नोट– अगर आपके विद्यालय में न तो किसी अध्यापक का कोई अवकाश किसी के भी पोर्टल पर पेंडिंग है और न ही कोई अनाधिकृत रूप से अनुपस्थित रहा है या पाया गया है तो सीधे View and Lock Attendance में जाकर लॉक कर देना है।

Upload Documents : eHRMS UP Manav Sampada Portal

Now, teacher-employees will be able to upload their marksheets and certificates on Manav Sampada, the option on the portal,
●  Click here to watch directly or follow the steps given below.

Step 1: First login to the Human Sampada Portal .

Step 2: On the open home page, click in the General tab next to the first home tab.

Step 3: Select upload documents in the options shown.

Apply Online: eHRMS UP Portal Registration

Step to Apply Online [eHRMS UP] Manav Sampada Portal 2022

Please Follow the Simple Steps to generate Employee User ID and Password through Department Authorized Officials.

Step 1– Visit the Official Website [eHRMS UP] Manav Sampada Portal i.e. http://ehrms.upsdc.gov.in by Department Authorized Officials.

Step 2- On Homepage, Click on “eHRMS Login” Link.

Step 3- Select department name, directorate/ head quarter, user id, password and captcha code.

Step 4- Official Person Login into Manav Sampada Portal and Click on “Create New User” for New Employee Registration.

Step 5- Now enter the required details of Employee (Mention all the details such as name, father/ husband name, date of birth, gender, Joining Date, Department and other information).

Step 6- Finally, Click on “Submit” Button then automatically generate “Employee User ID and Password”.

Manav Sampada Portal: Employee Login

Step 1– Visit the Official Website [eHRMS UP] Manav Sampada Portal i.e. http://ehrms.upsdc.gov.in.

Step 2- On Homepage, Click on “eHRMS Login” Link.

Step 3- Select department name, directorate/ head quarter, user id, password and captcha code.

Step 4- Finally, Employee Online Service Show on the Screen and Apply Online Leave Here.

How to download Manav Sampada E Service Book Online at EHRMS UP Portal

1 .सर्वप्रथम अपने ब्राऊजर की आल टाइम हिस्ट्री क्लियर कीजिये।
2. ehrms.upsdc.gov.in पर जाइये।
3. eHRMS Login पर क्लिक कीजिए।
4. जो पेज खुले उसमे सबसे पहले ब्लॉक में BASIC EDUCATION सेलेक्ट कीजिये दूसरा ब्लॉक अपने आप भर (directorate of basic education) जाएगा
5. तीसरे ब्लॉक में मानव सम्पदा id डालिये।
6. चौथे ब्लॉक में पासवर्ड डालिये(अगर भूल गए हो तो forget password पर क्लिक करिये वांछित सूचनाएं भर कर रजिस्टर्ड न. पर नया पासवर्ड मिल जाएगा)
7. कैप्चा डालिये लॉगिन कीजिये
8. जो पेज खुलेगा उसमे आइकॉन के बाद 5वे न. पर सफेद रंग से service book पर क्लिक करके सर्विस बुक का पेज ओपन होगा जो सफेद होगा उसमे बीच मे नीले खाने में open पर क्लिक करिये
9. सर्विस बुक डाउनलोड होजाएगी।
10. अपने फ़ोन के मेमोरी में डाउनलोड फोल्डर को खोलिये । सर्विस बुक Veiwsevicebook.aspx दिखेगी इसको कुछ देर टच किये रहिये तो कुछ विकल्प खुलेंगे उनमे से rename को सेलेक्ट कीजिये
11. आप फिर Veiwservicebook.aspx के .aspx की जगह .pdf कर दीजिए ok कीजिये
12. अब आपकी सर्विस बुक Veiwservicebook.pdf हो चुकी है इसपर क्लिक करिये खुल जाएगी।

eHRMS UP Portal : Apply Online Leave

According to the official notification of Basic Education Council (Basic Education Department), now primary, upper primary school teachers , head master, Shiksha Mitra and non-teaching staff will have to apply online for their leave.

The teacher’s leave will be granted only after applying online through ehrms human estate portal. You can apply online for the following online leave (manav sampada login up).

  1. Child care leaves CCL
  2. Maternity Leave
  3. Miscarriage leave
  4. Causal Leave CL
  5. Medical Leave ML

m-STHAPNA App for Online Leave Module

To apply leave, check status or process applied leave download the Android Application from the http://ehrms.upsdc.gov.in/.

Steps to Login.

Step 1: After the application starts, click on “Welcome!
Continue to Login.” button.

Click on the Exit button to close the application.

Step 2 :
Here, the login screen will appear.

Screenshot Image
Now, fill the credentials and click on the “Login” button.
Click on the Exit button to close the application.
Click on the “Enter eHRMS User ID”, a dialog box will appear.

Step 2(a) :

Here, enter your eHRMS user id and click on “OK” to continue.

Screenshot Image

Similarly, click on the password field to enter the password.

Step 2(b): Here, enter your password and click on “OK” to continue.

Step 2(c): After entering fields, tick the check box and complete the human verification process. Then, click on the “Login” button for a successful login.

Step 3 :

After login users will see the menu screen, where user can see their details on the top.

Screenshot Image

  • For applying to leave click on the “Apply for Leave” button (Step 4).
  • To check the status of applied leave click on the “Check Status” button (Step 5).
  • To exit and log out of the application click the “Exit” button or “Logout” button respectively.
  • To view pending leave requests click on the “View Leave Request” button (Step 6).

Steps to Apply for fresh leave.

Step 4(a) :

On clicking the “Apply for Leave” button Leave form screen will appear, fill the form and click
submit to apply for leave.

Click on the “Select Leave Type” button to select the type of Leave.

Step 4(b):  On clicking “Select Leave Type” a window will appear, select the type of leave you want to apply for and click on “OK” or “Cancel” to cancel the selection.

Step 4(c): On clicking “Select Date” a window will appear, select the start date for the leave you want to apply for and click on “OK” or “Cancel” to cancel the selection.

Step 4(d): On clicking “Select Date” a window will appear, select the end date for the leave you want to apply for and click on “OK” or “Cancel” to cancel the selection.

Step 4(e): On clicking “Select Ground or Reason” a window will appear, select the ground or reason for which you want to apply leave and click on “OK” or “Cancel” to cancel the selection.

Step 4(f): On clicking “Select Reporting Officer” a window will appear. Enter Manav Sampada ID(MS ID) of your Reporting Officer and click
on the “View Details” button.

The details will appear if details are left-clicked on “CONFIRM” to continue.

Step 4(g): Check details on leave application and click on “SUBMIT” to submit an application.

Step 4(h):  If all the details are valid then you will get a leave application reference number. Click “OK” to continue.

Steps to check the status of applied leave.

Step 5 :

To check the status of your applied leave. Click on “Check Status”.

Step 5(a) :  Enter your leave application reference number and click on “CHECK”. Status of your leave application will appear here.

Steps to the process applied to leave.

Screenshot Image

Step 6: Click on “View Leave Request” to view pending leave requests for forwarding or rejecting or approving.

Step 6 (a): Here, all pending leave requests will appear. Click on “Click to View” to take further actions for forwarding or rejecting or approving.

Step 6 (b): Click on “Approve ” to approve leave, “Reject” to reject leave and “Forward ” to forward leave.

Step 6(c) :

On clicking “Forward” a window will appear. Enter Manav Sampada ID(MS ID) of your Officer to whom you will forward and click on “View Details” button.

The details will appear, if details are right, click on “CONFIRM” to continue.

Step 6(d) : On clicking confirm, a confirmation window will appear to click on “OK” to continue.

Choose Reporting Officer

Screenshot Image

Screenshot Image

Step to Apply Online Leave on Manav Sampada Portal

  1. Visit the Official Website [eHRMS UP] Manav Sampada Portal i.e. http://ehrms.upsdc.gov.in.
  2. On the Homepage, Click on “eHRMS Login” Link.
  3. Select department name, directorate/ headquarter, user id, password and captcha code.
  4. Click Online Leave then Apply Leave.
  5. And click on Select Reporting Officer.
  6. Click on Add A Reporting Officer.
  7. Now a form will open in front of you, in which to select Leave in Online Service. In Destination, select Block Education Officer
  8. Click on the name of the concerned officer in the Reporting Officer and save.
  9. Now go back to Online Leave and go to Apply Leave
  10. In Leave Type >> Leave Select
  11. Form Date Select
  12. To Date Select
  13. Leave Days Calculate Yourself
  14. Ground, you must write the reason you want.
  15. Tell address of stay in Address During Leave
  16. Now submit and make OK. Thus your application has been submitted online, whose information will be received on your mobile.
  17. Information of acceptance or rejection will also be received on the registered mobile number.

Manav Sampada Portal Self-verification form

For this, you must first click on the link given below.

To fill this self-verification form, you will need the following information –

  • If your details are correct then click on correct
  • If your details are wrong then click on not correct
  • Then click the option of Submit.

If anything related to you is incorrect, then immediately contact your BRC center or BEO office to get your details correct. After correcting the details, again FOLLOW Above Step and fill in your verification data,


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